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Our Projects


  • Conception and development of a new generation of machine controls for pressing machinery up to 125t (diagnosis, regulations, control, configuration, monitoring, remote control, assistance systems).
  • Projects on own initiative: An innovative new application for mobile and desktop systems complete with application server and data base connection.


  • Embedded tank vehicle control system and monitoring for both street and airfield for the ex field (valves, sensors, encryption technology, sloshing algorithm, radio control, RFID, and many more).
  • Leightweight application server with C++ client library.
  • We have built an application server with transient and persistent data retention to be used in our server farms.
  • Various web sites with server-side calculation.
  • Secured access monitoring and automated personalisation of downloadable software.
  • Control / Configuarion of embedded systems via PC and USB drivers.